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Biomerieux entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Accunome

In December 2022, biomerieux (hereinafter referred to as “Merieuxj”) and Jiaxing Accunome Biotechnology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Akn”) completed the strategic investment agreement and signed an exclusive distribution agreement. Following the completion of the transaction, Merieux will collaborate deeply with Accunome to accelerate the development of Merieux’s molecular diagnostics business in China.

Merieux has long been committed to providing advanced diagnostic solutions for Chinese patients, especially in the field of infectious disease diagnosis. In recent years, infectious diseases have received great attention from doctors and patients, and advanced biological diagnostic products can greatly improve the speed and quality of diagnosis, help early identification, control and treatment of infectious diseases, and protect public health.

Founded in 2018, Accunome is a high-tech enterprise driven by technological innovation. It has established R&D, GMP production, sales and service centers in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and San Diego, USA, and is committed to providing fully automated molecular diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases and severe diseases. DXcellence12, the company’s first generation molecular diagnostic platform, integrates nucleic acid extraction, amplification, detection and other steps. As a fully automatic universal molecular diagnostic equipment, DXcellence12 can realize the original sample on the machine, all operational steps (including sample addition) are automatically completed by the instrument, and the product has obtained the third class registration certificate of the State Food and Drug Administration and the EU CE certification in 2022.

Previously, Accunome had received several rounds of investment from well-known domestic investment institutions, including Sinovation Works, China Merchants Health, Chende Capital, Zhenfund, Enran Venture Capital and Nanchuang Capital. After this round of financing, Accunome will continue to deepen the molecular diagnostics industry and develop more innovative solutions to solve the vast clinical unmet needs.

Through this strategic cooperation, Biomerieux will leverage the innovative DXcellence12 molecular diagnostic platform and future related kits of Accunome to explore and develop the molecular diagnostic business in China; Accunome is also able to leverage Biomerieux’s well-established commercial channels in China to promote its products.