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Fully Automated Sample-to-Answer Molecular Diagnostics Platform (DXcellence12) and Three Diagnostics Kits from Accunome Sciences Have Obtained CE Mark Certification

Recently, a fully automated sample-to-answer molecular diagnostics platform (DXcellence System), a Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Kit and the Flu A/B RSV RT-PCR Kit developed by Accunome Sciences have obtained the CE Mark certification.

These three products enables true “sample to answer”diagnostics workflow which includes nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification and detection of Flu A/B and RSV in clinical samples.

DXcellence system


Flu A/B RSV RT – PCR Kit

With EU CE Mark certification, these products have met the safety requirements specified in the EU directive and can be distributed in EU countries and other countries that recognize the EU CE Mark certification.

CE Mark certification of these products indicates that the performance of Accunome products has been recognized by international authorities. It allows Accunome Sciences to pursue its company vision of “In China For Global”. In the future, Accunome will continue to develop innovative products for life sciences industries to serve global public health worldwide.